Fast, Secure, Robust Computing for Education

The basic philosophy behind any academic IT system is learning and experimentation. Due to the rigidity and cost of traditional computer networking schools, colleges and universities often find it overly complex and expensive to operate an IT environment congruent with that philosophy.

Hosted Virtual Desktop computing from ThinHost® radically changes the way academic organisations use IT.

Simple licensing model. Traditional licensing can become extremely expensive and time consuming to manage in academic organisations. With ThinHost® all Microsoft licensing is charged on a per person, per month basis - a very simple pay-per-use model. 

Flexibility. ThinHost® enables organisations to scale IT infrastructure, on demand, as requirement for computing power fluctuates.

Secure. Whether Hosted Virtual Desktops are accessed via PC, Mac, thin client, iPad, or even mobile the connection to the server is encrypted and secure. ThinHost® operates multiple state of the art data centres. To learn more about the platform click here.


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