How It Works

Why cloud computing?

ThinHost® offers an easy way to make the switch to the cloud. With our hosted desktop solution, you no longer need to buy new servers every few years. That is because we store all your software applications and data aand give you access to that online. It's called Cloud Computing and it is revolutionising how businesses deal with their IT.

Hosted desktop is fast...

ThinHost® is easy to use because there’s nothing new for people to learn... it looks and works just like a normal computer. But because it runs in the Cloud, it’s FAST, reliable and you can log in from anywhere with any device - PC, laptop or tablet.

... and highly secure

Hundreds of businesses trust ThinHost® with their data. As a registered data controller we guarantee absolute privacy, replicate everything to our backup data centre and invest in sophisticated security systems to guard against viruses and hackers.

Outstanding support

We guarantee to be fast, personable and local. Based here in the UK, we’re friendly and talk plain English instead of IT jargon. When you need to call us we’ll pick up the phone and one of our experienced engineers will be on hand to help immediately.

Simple to make the transition

Moving your IT to ThinHost® Hosted Desktop is a quick and simple process. We simply extract the software programs, data and email from your old IT system and import everything neatly into ThinHost®. We give you time to test the new set up before you go live so you can be certain it will work from day one.

How much would you save?

With the savings and efficiency gains attained by switching to ThinHost®, can you calculate how much you would save? So contact us today to see how much switching to our hosted desktop could save your business.


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