Why it Works

IT is critical to your success

No matter what size your business, IT is crucial. If your staff cannot use their computers effectively they will become increasingly frustrated - not just with the computer system, but with the company they’re working for. On the other hand, if your employees have a computer system that’s fast and easy to use they can become inspired and produce fantastic results.

The problem with the status quo

By the nature of things it’s near impossible for small and medium sized businesses to provide good, well managed IT for their staff. To correctly provision an IT system is a particularly complex and expensive task, regardless of size, and is prohibitively expensive for smaller companies. The inevitable result is almost always a substandard, risk-prone, IT system. We’re changing that.

Why ThinHost® is the answer

With ThinHost® you won’t need any servers and you won’t need an IT expert. All your software applications and all your data will be stored and accessed online. This is called Cloud Computing, and it means your IT will always be FAST, easy to use and highly secure.


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